"Here's What our Customers are Saying..."



"Joel, regarding the new home you built at 6860 Willow Creek Rd, thank You for another great quality home!

As usual it has been a pleasure working with you and all of your sub-contractors. You are organized and keep everyone on schedule. You get back with answers along the way promptly. Meeting commitments, building a quality home for the customers, ahead of schedule is appreciated by everyone involved."

- David F. Suchla,
Eau Claire Realty/Suchla Homes



"My wife and I hired Joel to finish our basement and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Joel gave us many great ideas that we incorporated into the final plans and would never have thought of without his input.

Joel is thorough, creative, and completely professional. We wouldn't hesitate to hire him again. The results speak for themselves!"

- J. Miller



"After hip replacement surgery I could not get into our tub. We contacted Joel and he came up with a design for our home addition.

We wanted a handicap shower, laundry room, and walk in closet. Joel had the perfect layout to fit in our addition. My wife is so pleased with her "woman cave" . Everything is upstairs now and is so handy.

Our kids say why didn't you do this sooner and we tell them we didn't know Joel earlier or we would have. The addition blends in perfectly with our house. We could not be happier!

Thanks Joel and crew!"

- Jack Schilling



"Joel made the entire process of our home remodel smooth and worry free. From our initial consult through final payment, Joel showed a genuine interest in what we wanted to accomplish with the project.

He put our worries at ease by offering suggestions and options for what we should consider with our remodel to create 100% usability, functionality and character of our new space. He was patient and thorough in answering all of our questions, and was open and honest when things didn’t go quite according to plan, but successful nonetheless.

Joel’s attention to detail is second to none. What most impressed us was the professionalism of Joel, his crew AND everyone he subcontracted with. Joel was also willing to work with vendors we preferred without hesitation. Joel kept everything on time and on budget. The quality of our remodel is second to none.

I would say the most satisfying thing about the remodel itself is it looks like it was always a part of our house, from the outside and the inside. We can’t say enough about the job done by Ruppert Construction."

- Brett Schroedel



"My wife and I just moved into our new house built by Ruppert Construction and we couldn’t be happier! Joel made us comfortable right from the start by being flexible with the building plan to accommodate our budget and help us get what we wanted.

He made the entire process easy for us by keeping us involved and informed as the house was being built. We didn’t feel pressured at any time because we got plenty of notice for milestones in the process that required our input. Joel’s attention to detail and quality workmanship is obvious in the finished product. It’s beautiful! We highly recommend Ruppert Construction."

- Chuck and Brenda Gray