Meet Joel Ruppert, owner of Ruppert Construction...

Photo of Joel Ruppert in front of job trailer

"I’ve always loved building and remodeling and found that I have a skill and an eye for it. That’s why I started Ruppert Construction, back in 2000. I’m personally on every job, scruitinizing every detail of the project.

I want every single customer to be completely satisfied with every single home I build. I go the extra mile to make each home a great investment for the home owner.

Each and every home gets the focus on energy conservation. For example, we use high-end bathroom fans that are not only quiet, but they run on a moisture sensor switch that stays on till an acceptable level (moisture) is reached then turn off automatically. We also utilize sump pumps and radon fans in every house for added safety even if they're not required.

This is just a few examples of what makes my homes a great investment!"